antiqua – acqua minerale naturale frizzante


The Antiqua source is located in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines near Pelpi Mountain (1495m) in the small town of Masanti di Bedonia (Province of Parma).

Steep unpopulated mountain slopes covered with thick virgin forests, full absence of industrial enterprises and agricultural activity, thick layers of filtering rocks guarantee absolute natural purity of the water.

In the process of bottling the water does not undergo any treatment. Thus, each and every bottle contains the same pure, delicious and healthy water as one can taste right at the spring.


temperature at the source: 7,7° C
pH at the source: 7,8
dry residue at 180° C: 184 mg/l
conductivity at 20° C: 261 µS/cm
carbonic anhydride at the source: 9,5 mg/l

Mineralisation (mg/l):

bicarbonates: 180,0
sulphates: 9,4
calcium: 53,4
chlorides: 4,0
magnesium: 4,6
silica: 5,2
sodium: 2,7
potassium: 0,3